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A message from our chief oncologist, Petra Ketterl, M.D.


We appreciate your interest in Progressive Oncology. Our team is dedicated to being the premier Integrative Oncology center in Atlanta.

We take pride in taking the time with every patient, examining all possible treatment options across of spectrum of healthcare possibilities and determining the appropriate course of action. We believe that a well-informed patient will be much better able to participate in crafting the treatment protocol for them.

We also believe that cancer therapy does not only include treatment for the specific cancer, but also includes finding and remedying the underlying problems which contribute to the development to cancer in the first place.

This core cancer team includes:
1. Integrative Oncologist
2. Integrative General Medicine Practitioner
3. Naturopathic Physician
4. Nutrition/Dietician
5. Biomedical Therapy Practitioner
6. IV Specialists

Other protocols such as acupuncture and chiropractic are also used frequently.

The cancer team continuously investigates new or different opportunities which we can add to our treatment repertoire in order to benefit our patients. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing these innovative treatment protocols and medicinal regimens to support our patients’ recovery goals. We embrace a fundamental principle that the consideration of all therapies is essential in the fight against cancer.

Working As A Team To Treat You Is Our Passion.

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Progressive Oncology Offers A Wide Variety Of Treatment Protocols

IV Therapies

Our Infusion Center has a wide variety of IV Therapies For Your Cancer Support Treatment. ...


Our Team of Nutritionists Will Determine The Best Diet Plan For Your Treatment Protocol. ...

Oxidative Therapies

The Healing Power Of Oxygen Is At Your Fingertips At Progressive Oncology. ...

BioMedical Therapies

BioMedical Therapies Use Advanced Electro-Magnetic Technology To Heal The Body. ...

Chemo-Sensitivity Testing

Every Person Is Different. We Want To Make Sure We Find The Right Treatment For You. ...

Fractionated Chemo-Therapy

Our Special Take On Chemotherapy To Try And Alleviate Side-Effects ...

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